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How to connect the Threads app to Publer


Threads is an online social media and social networking service operated by Meta, the mother company of Instagram and Facebook.

The Threads app looks a lot like Twitter/X, with a feed that is only dedicated to text-based posts. However, you can also post photos and videos while having conversations in the form of threads, just like Twitter/X.

You can log in and create an account in the Threads app, through your Instagram account. You can post threads with up to 25 posts, each up to 500 characters long, and the first post of the thread can a GIF, a single video up to 5 minutes long, or up to 10 photos.

Connecting Threads App

To connect the Threads app in Publer:

Go to Publer.
Navigate to the Social Accounts tab, from the navigation bar in the left.
Scroll down to Threads, and click on Connect.

Select the Threads app.
Now, you can import the info from your Instagram account (if it is connected in Publer).
From the dropdown, choose the Instagram account that is connected with the specific Threads account that you want to connect.

On the other hand, you can also add the information (i.e. Profile Photo, Name, and Username) of your Threads account manually.

Now that you have connected your Threads app to Publer, you can freely schedule your posts via push-notifications. For that, you will need to have downloaded the mobile app of Publer. Learn more about this on our article here.

Keep in mind:

Since Meta has not released a public API for Threads yet, we have found a workaround that allows you to share posts via push-notifications/reminders.
The main post can contain a link, a video (can't exceed 5 minutes), a GIF, or up to 10 photos. However, the other posts of the thread (the other follow-up comments) can only be text.
You can add up to 25 posts for each thread, and each post cannot be more than 500 characters long.
Publer won't be able to gather insights, or sync posts, given the lack of an official API. However, you will always be able to find all the posts you share to your Threads account under the Posts > Posted tab.
You can't use other post options, such as Auto-Delete or Auto-Share.

Updated on: 24/11/2023

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