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How to change the currency you see on the plans and pricing page

Can I change the currency on the plans and pricing page?

Unfortunately, as our payment provider handles the payment process, the currency cannot be changed.

Your browser data and information from your Internet Service Provider determine the currency displayed on Publer. Hence, the prices will always be shown in the currency of your current location.

However, you may use a VPN when starting a subscription. This way, you'll be charged in the currency of a specific location.

To change the currency you see on the plans and pricing page:

Simply connect to a VPN from a country that uses your desired currency as their official one.
Make sure to clear your browser data or switch to incognito mode before you take another look at our plans and pricing page. You will be able to see the currency if it is supported by our payment provider.

You can see the price in real time on our Plans & Pricing page here.

Written by: John Ezekiel Jacinto

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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