By default, updates, events, and offers published by Publer will be posted to your Google Business Profile posts.

Another important, but an independent section is Google Business Profile photos & videos.

If you desire, besides posting to Google Business Profiles, Publer can also add photos from those posts directly to your Google Business Profile photos.

Here's how:

Specify it when creating your posts

Select at least one Google Business Profile and upload a photo

Click on the "Media Options" button

Use the following toggle to turn this option on (or off)

Once the post is published, the post will appear in your Google Business Profile posts

The photo from the post will also appear under Google Business Profile photos & videos

Turn this feature on by default for all future posts

Go to Accounts and click on your Google Business Profile

Use the following toggle to turn this option on (or off)

All newly created posts will have this option enabled by default

Tips & warnings

Pro Tip: When turning this feature on by default for all future posts, you can still disable it on a per-post basis using the "Media Options" button.
Pro Tip: As long as the post hasn't been published yet, you can always enable or disable this feature by finding the post and editing it.
Info: If you turn this feature on by default for all future posts, it will also apply to posts created from your RSS Feeds.
Info: We will use the post caption as the photo description.
Warning: Video posts are still not supported at the moment due to API limitations from Google.
Warning: Photos are subject to Google's criteria. Screenshots, stock photos, GIFs, other manually created imagery or imagery taken by other parties should not be uploaded. To be relevant, photos or videos must be taken by users at the location in question. If the primary subject of the content is irrelevant to the location, it may be removed.
Warning: Once a post has been published, it's no longer possible to edit this feature. If a photo was automatically added to Google Business Profile photos, you will have to delete it through Google Business Profile Manager as it cannot be done through Publer.
Warning: We do not recommend turning this feature on for recurring or recycling posts as that would upload the same photo to Google Business Profile photos over and over again.
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