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How to activate managed Meta accounts for Meta Quest for Business

Managed Meta accounts, which are also known as Meta work accounts, help you use the Meta Business tools and collaborate with your team members within an organization more efficiently.

With managed Meta accounts, you won't be needing a Facebook profile to use the Meta Business tools. Let's dive deeper into how we can activate the managed Meta accounts.

Understanding Meta Quest for Business.

In the Meta Quest workspace, an organization can manage its team and all the devices they use. The owner of the organization has to to sign up and create the Meta Quest Business account, choose the suitable plan for their organization, and proceed with setting it up.

Terms of Service here.
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Note: Creating the Meta Quest account is imperative, if you wish to get access to the Admin Center. After that, you can proceed with creating managed Meta accounts.

Once you sign up for Meta Quest you are able to create an Admin Center, which is where you can manage team members, Meta Quest business tools, devices, etc.

In a few words:

Create and sign up your Meta Quest account.
Set up add verify your domain in the Admin Center, to prove that you own it.
Create managed Meta accounts (Meta Work accounts) for other people in your organization.

Finally, after creating managed Meta accounts, other people in your organization can access tools, devices, and the Business Manager without needing a Facebook Profile.

Learn more about how you can set this up here. For users looking to set up their Meta Work accounts after receiving an invitation, follow the steps below, or go here.

Regarding Meta Work accounts.

Meta work accounts, also known as managed Meta accounts, help organizations manage their team members and collaborate more effectively with all the Meta tools.

To set up a managed Meta account (a Meta work cccount), you need to first be invited by your organization. Then, you can proceed with setting up your new account, and using the Meta tools accordingly.

Activating a managed Meta account

After receiving an invite to activate a Meta Work account (from your organization), you need to activate your new account. You will be able to see a banner at the top of the Business Manager (Business Suite), asking you to activate the Meta Work account.

After you get an invitation from your organization:

Make sure to set up your Meta Work account accordingly.
Once you set up the Meta work accounts, you need to reconnect Publer (or any other third party apps).
Lastly, make sure to also reauthorize your Meta accounts in Publer.

Once the Meta Work account is activated, you will no longer need to use your personal Facebook account to log in and access your business portfolio (formerly Business Manager Account) and business assets.

Important: You need to make sure to reconnect Publer after setting up your Meta work account, so that you don't lose access. Moreover, you need to reauthorize your Facebook or Instagram accounts in Publer.

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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