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How does Publer encode/pre-process videos?

What is reencoding?

Reencoding is essentially a technical adjustment to ensure your content aligns with the network's requirements.

How does Publer encode/pre-process videos?

Publer uses a library to pre-process the videos. We decide whether we need to reencode a video the moment a post is created. Keep in mind, this will vary based on the social network that you are posting to.

The only reason we may have to reencode a video is in order to make it API-compatible, otherwise the video will not post at all.

Keep in mind that Publer's video processor will not affect the quality of the video. Publer's goal is to share the video without compromising the quality.

The automatic video encoding that Publer does is based on the social network API requirements below:

Facebook videos

Facebook reels

Instagram videos

TikTok videos

LinkedIn videos

Twitter videos

Pinterest videos

Telegram videos

YouTube videos

Learn more about the post types that are supported and their limitations here.

Updated on: 26/09/2023

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