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What happens if I edit/delete a member?

Throughout the whole time you have members in your Workspace, you will be able to change their roles accordingly. You can change them from an Editor, to an Admin, to a Client, and vice-versa.

Changing a member's role will affect the workflow

When the member has created posts but they are still pending approval:
You will NOT be able to change their role, not until the posts are all approved.
For example, if a member has posts in the Pending queue and you change them to an Admin or Client, it won't work. First, you will need to approve their posts and then when there are no posts in the pending queue, you will be able to change their role.

When the member has scheduled posts:
You will be able to change their role, since the posts are already in the scheduling queue.
Those posts will not be affected in any way, they are already approved and finalized.
All the future posts that are created by this member will be affected/scheduled based on the new privileges that the member has.

Removing a member:

For all of the following cases, so when:
You un-assign a member from a social account.
You delete a member from a social accounts or from the workspace.
You update the billing of Publer by downgrading to less members.

All the posts will be affected, like so:
The posts that are still pending approval will be saved as Drafts automatically.
All the posts will be assigned to the Owner of the Workspace, so that they do not get lost (deleted).
The analytics for the posts be saved and transferred accordingly as well.

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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