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Why do I get "This account has already been added to a workspace” error?

If you're getting the error below "This account has already been added to a workspace”, it could be one of these 3 cases:

1. The owner added the account, but it is not assigned to the member.

To resolve this, the owner needs to assign the account to the member at the Members tab, within the Workspace settings.

To learn how to assign an account to a member go here.

2. It is added to another Workspace, but the user is not aware of it.

To resolve this issue, switch Workspaces to double-check. This might also be related to the first case scenario. The account might be added to another Workspace by the owner and not assigned to the member.

To switch Workspaces go here.

3. The account is added, but it's under a different name.

Sometimes, Google Business Accounts might show up with an old name, so you are not able to locate it. To resolve this, you need to synchronize the account information.

To sync the account info go here.

Updated on: 29/06/2023

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