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Why do I get the "Please Upgrade your plan to keep scheduling videos and GIFs" error?

If you're facing the error "Please upgrade your plan to keep scheduling videos and GIFs":

It's because you're either using Publer's Legacy plan (old Free plan) or the Argentum plan (old Professional plan), which don't support videos.
Up until now, you probably had the ability to post videos, but that is due to the fact that we give you the opportunity to try out the paid features for free a few times.
You can check how many remaining free trials of the paid features you have under Settings > Billing.
Videos, GIFs, or multi-photo posts were not supported on the Old Free Legacy and Argentum plans -- this is why we created the new plans.

If you would like to keep posting multi-photo posts, GIFs, or videos, you would have to switch to new plans, which can be done for free.

The main differences between Publer's old and new plans:

The default number of social accounts per plan has decreased from 5 to 3 in the new plans.
The new plans support videos, GIFs, and multi-photo posts, while these features on the old plans are only available in the Aurum plan.
Only the Business plan provides analytics and insights for all social media accounts in the new plans, whereas in the old plans, both Argentum and Aurum plans offer analytics.

Learn more about the differences between the old and the new plans here.

Switching to the New Plans

If you're a Legacy or Argentum user and want to schedule videos and GIFs, then you'll need to upgrade to one of our new plans.

To switch to the new plans, follow the steps outlined in this article.

WARNING: Keep in mind, this action cannot be undone. Once you switch to the new plan, you cannot go back to the old one. Also, when you switch to the new plans, you will lose access to some of the old features mentioned here and gain access to the new ones.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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