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Why do I get a Facebook error for my link?

If you are getting an error from Facebook like the following one:

"Error from Facebook: Your content couldn't be shared because this link goes against our Community Standards."

then that means that either Facebook does not accept this type of link or that they have banned links from this specific domain.

Facebook will ban links that are:

1. From a specific domain that they have banned

The reason why such links are not being accepted is that Facebook has banned links coming from this specific domain. We would recommend contacting Facebook support as they are the only ones that can unblock it and allow your links to be shared again on Facebook.

2. From a Facebook Personal Profile or from a Facebook Event

There are certain links that Facebook does not allow to be shared via 3rd party apps. Such links are links to Facebook Events or link from a Facebook Personal profile. This is a limitation of their API.

Updated on: 18/03/2022

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