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Why can't I see my Facebook Albums on Publer?

There are a few reasons why you could be facing issues with Facebook Albums on Publer. It could be that you have not synced the albums or that Facebook is simply not returning them, especially if they are over 90 days old.

To sync all the Facebook albums for your Page or Group:

Go to accounts here, open your Facebook Page or Group, and click on Sync Info:

Sync Group info

When you click on Sync Info, Publer will sync this account's profile picture, name, and albums.
All the existing albums should show up on Publer accordingly.

Facebook albums that are over 90 days old cannot be returned due to API limitations.

If you still cannot see all of your albums on Publer, keep in mind that:

Albums that are over 90 days old and can't be returned. This is unfortunately a Facebook API limitation. This is why you might be missing some older albums.
Facebook API could be facing a temporary issue or bug that could affect this.

You can read more about such bugs that are affecting the Facebook Albums here and here

Keep in mind, you can also create albums through Publer, but only for your Facebook Groups when posting as your Personal Profile.

Updated on: 01/08/2023

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