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Why can't I add the YouTube channel that I manage?

You need to be Owner of the YouTube channel in order to connect it with Publer.

This is a limitation from the YouTube API itself.

How to add a YouTube channel:

Go to Social Accounts, click on +Connect for YouTube, and select YouTube.

After that you click on the account you have with YouTube.

You need to press on Allow for Publer.

In the end you will see all the accounts you are the Owner on YouTube and you can select them normally.

Whenever you need to add another YouTube account, a Brand account, you need to:

Go to add YouTube on Publer and sign in to that other Google account with which you have a YouTube account
It will show two accounts, a brand account, and a normal account.
Choosing the first one will not work, so the second one has to be chosen and then you can go to Publer and add it.

Updated on: 15/03/2024

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