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Why can't I add the YouTube channel that I manage?

You need to be Owner of the YouTube channel in order to connect it with Publer.

This is a limitation from the YouTube API itself.

How to add a YouTube channel:

you need to navigate to Social Accounts, click on the +Connect button and then on the YouTube.

After that you click on the account you have with YouTube.

You need to press on Allow for Publer.

*In the end you will see all the accounts you are the Owner on YouTube and you can select them normally.

Whenever you need to add another YouTube account, a Brand account, you need to:

Go to add YouTube on Publer and sign in to that other Google account with which you have a YouTube account
It will show two accounts, a brand account, and a normal account.
Choosing the first one will not work, so the second one has to be chosen and then you can go to Publer and add it.

Updated on: 10/10/2022

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