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How to resolve "Review Alert/Connection" error on Facebook

Sometimes, even though your Instagram account might be connected to a Facebook Page, there might be an issue with the connection. In such cases, there is a "Review Alert" or "Review Connection" error that shows up on Facebook, Instagram, or Meta Business Suite.

Make sure you have no pending verifications on Facebook:

Go to the Facebook page that you have connected to Instagram.
On the left, scroll down to Settings.

Then, go to Linked Accounts and choose Instagram

If you have any warnings, make sure to review them accordingly.
If the connection between Instagram and Facebook is proper, the page will look like this (without any "alerts" pending):

Finally, try to connect the Instagram account again.

Warning: If you cannot Review the Connection from either Facebook or Instagram, please go to the Meta Business Manager and make sure there are no alerts there. If need be, create a Meta Business Manager account for the Instagram and Facebook accounts, by following the steps on the Business Manager.

Updated on: 15/05/2023

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