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Why am I not able to create a Twitter Long Post?

What are Twitter Long Posts?

Twitter/X has made it possible to create long tweets that are up to 25,000 characters long, as long as you have Twitter X Premium subscription, but is only possible when using Twitter/X natively.

There is no API at the moment that allows posting long tweets directly. However, with the help of a semi-automated system, you can now share these posts through Publer if you have X Premium. You will need to download the Publer Mobile app so you can share your long posts to Twitter via push-notifications.

Learn more about the steps you need to follow here.

Why am I not able to create a Twitter Long Post?

Sometimes you might face issues when posting Twitter long posts through Publer, and that could be due to the following reason:

You haven't installed and logged in to our mobile app

These posts are different from simple Twitter posts or threads, which you can already schedule and post directly through Publer.

Twitter Long Post

To schedule a Twitter long post through Publer, follow the steps here.

Written by: Brikena Cani

Updated on: 23/06/2024

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