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What is Publer's Instagram Feed Preview?

What is the Instagram Feed Preview?

The Instagram Feed Preview in Publer is a feature that allows you to plan, visualize, and manage your Instagram content before it's published. It provides a visual representation of how your Instagram feed will look once your posts are published. This can be useful for individuals, influencers or businesses who want to maintain a cohesive and visually appealing Instagram profile.

How to work with your Instagram Feed Preview in Publer:

You can schedule Instagram posts from the Feed Preview, which helps you see the how the feed will look in real-time.

You can edit, delete, or directly publish the scheduled posts by clicking on the posts on the Feed.

You can also delete published posts that no longer exist in your Instagram account, from within the Feed Preview, so you can keep a clean and updated Feed Preview.

You can auto-draft and auto-schedule media directly from the Feed Preview, after setting up a posting schedule for your Instagram account.

Auto-Draft and Auto-Schedule Media

You can re-organize the feed by rescheduling the posts, using the arrow on the top right corner of the posts.

You can preview your drafts, scheduled, recycled, recurring and already published posts, by hovering your cursor over the bottom left corner of each post.

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Updated on: 17/10/2023

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