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How to delete posts from my Instagram Feed Preview on Publer

In order for you to keep a clean and organized Feed Preview on Publer, you will need to manually delete the posts that no longer exist in your Instagram Feed, since the Instagram API cannot sync deleted posts.

Deleting posts from the Instagram Feed Preview

Go to the Instagram Feed Preview, as shown here. Navigate to the Calendar tab, select the Instagram account, and choose Feed.
On the right hand side, at the Feed Preview, locate the published posts that no longer exists on Instagram.

Click on the post to open it, and click on Delete. Then, confirm that you want to delete this post from the Instagram Feed Preview.

Finally, refresh the page and find the updated Feed Preview.

This will ensure that you maintain a consistent and clean Instagram Feed Preview on Publer, which will look the same as your actual Instagram Feed. Learn more about all the features of the Instagram Feed Preview here.

Updated on: 13/10/2023

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