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How to see and use the available time slots in the calendar

If you have set up a posting schedule and have created time slots for a specific account, they will be showing up on the Calendar or while you are scheduling a post.

To see and use the time slots:

Go to Calendar.
Select a social account with a posting schedule.
The available time slots will show up right away.

Click on the time slot for which time you want to schedule the post.
Design your post to your liking, by adding labels and content you like.

Click on Schedule to make the final touches.
Since we clicked on the 10:05 AM time slot, on March 7th, that time and date will be selected automatically.
You can change the date and Manually change the time or choose another free time slot.

Once finished, simply click on Schedule.
You will now be able to see that post on the Calendar, in the spot of that time slot.

To learn more about time slots and posting schedules go here.

Updated on: 01/03/2023

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