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How to see recycling predictions

With the new Calendar come new Recycling Predictions!

Recycling Predictions:

Recycling posts have been an integral part of our publishing tool for some time now.
Following a pre-set account's posting schedule, you will see Predictions accordingly on the Calendar.

Recycle Predictions

Recycling Predictions help you have a better idea about when the Recycling posts will be posted.
Keep in mind, these are not scheduled posts, which means this is simply a "prediction" of when the post will be shared.
However, in cases when you have selected "Only recycle if there are no other posts for the day" but last minute decide to add a post to that day, then this recycling prediction will be postponed accordingly, for the next available time-slot.

Learn more about recycling posts here. Visit our article on how to automatically recycle posts here.

Updated on: 02/06/2023

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