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How to create and edit posts from within the calendar

With the new Calendar View you can now create posts right from within the calendar. 🗓

To create a new post from within the calendar:

Go to the Calendar tab on Publer.
Click on the + icon on the respective date for which you want to create a post.
You can also click on one of the time-slots which you can see after selecting a social account for which you have set a posting schedule or the best times to post.

Similarly, you can also create a post from the Daily/Weekly View.
Choose the Social Account where you want to post.
Customize your post accordingly and then select Schedule.

Finally, specify the time/date when you want the post to go out and select Schedule.

If you want to make small edits to the post you can:

Drag and drop the post to the desired date box, for date-related changes.

To make edits in terms of content, click on the post and select Edit.

Make the appropriate changes and Save the newly edited post.

Alternatively, you can go to Posts > Scheduled, find your post, and edit it from there.

Learn more about how to use the Calendar view to its fullest potential here.

Updated on: 01/03/2023

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