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How to spin images with Publer

The Spintax Generator in Publer helps you create variations for the text of a post, so you can spin text easily. With the Spintax Generator, you cannot spin images, however, we have created the following work-around to help you spin images as well, in a few easy steps.

After you bulk upload all your media files in Publer, using the 1. Upload Media function or a 2. CSV file**, you can use the same Spintax text for each post, and then schedule the posts to recycle for a pre-defined label. This will ensure that each occurrence of the recycling post consists of a unique image and a variation of the Spintax text.

Spin images by using:

1. The Upload Media Function

You can use the Upload Media function, in Bulk Options, to add a few media files in bulk.
This allows you to upload multiple media files from any source (i.e. Publer's Media Library, Google Drive, or your device).

Upload Media in Bulk

After the media is done uploading, you can manually add the Spintax text to each post.

Tip: You can combine the Spintax Generator with the Publer AI Assist to quickly generate several variations for your Spintax post.

Upload Media in Bulk

Finally, auto-schedule or recycle your posts for the predefined posting schedule.

Note: The Upload Media in Bulk option is recommended when you want to spin only a few media files, as you would have to add the caption manually to each post. When you are spinning hundreds of images/videos, or to avoid adding the spintax text to each post manually, we recommend you use a CSV file.

2. The CSV File Function

You can use a CSV file, in Bulk Options, to add hundreds of media files in bulk.
Create the CSV file and add the Spintax text in each row on the Message column. Each row represents a new post.
Then, add the link of the media file in the Media URL column, for each post. The link of the media file needs to be a public link.

Tip: If your posts are in Publer's Media Library, simply go to the Media Library, click on a media, and then right click on the file that you want to use. Then, select “Copy image/video address” and paste it in the CSV file, in the Media URL column. Moreover, you can use the AI Assist to come up with the Spintax text.

CSV Upload

Upload the CSV file to Publer. When the CSV is uploaded, you will have several posts with the spintax text and a unique image for every post.
Finally, auto-schedule or recycle your posts for the predefined posting schedule.

Keep in mind:

You can upload up to 500 posts at the same time, by using both the Upload Media function or a CSV file
Publer's AI Assist can come in handy with creating the spintax text for your post or editing the content before you publish it.

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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