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How to recycle/recur posts for Pinterest

Why can't I recycle or recur posts for Pinterest?

Similar to Twitter, Pinterest's Automation and Spam Guidelines prohibit users from creating the same or similar posts and sharing them more than once. That is why you cannot post to more than one Pinterest account at the same time.

To clarify, Pinterest strictly forbids any endeavor to employ automation for the intent of posting or distributing spam, and engaging in such actions could lead to enforcement measures being taken.

Therefore, you will get this error when trying to post similar content to Pinterest: "You may not post duplicative or substantially similar Pins across one or more accounts as it is against Pinterest policies". As per Pinterest guidelines, our algorithm will take into account the title, caption, and the URL of each Pin. In this case, we recommend you use complex spintax variations.

Read more about Pinterest's automation rules and their anti-spam policy here.

To recycle and recur posts for Pinterest through Publer:

In order to comply with automation rules we do not allow Pinterest posts to recycle or recur, as shown here:

Pinterest Automation Rules

However, you can use Spintax to create a few variations per post. That way, the different variations will be recycled/recurred randomly.
With the built-in Spintax Generator in Publer, you can create several variations per post. Keep in mind that 10 or more variations are needed in order to recycle/recur your posts.

Spintax for Pinterest

We also recommend that you create a more complex Spintax text, so that more unique variations are created. For example, you can use nested spintax.

Learn more about how Spintax works and how you can use it here.

After adding the required Spintax syntax to your post then you can either recycle it or recur it.

Pinterest Recycling Post

Keep in mind:

You can recycle words, sentences, or whole tweets with the Spintax Generator, and create nested spintax within those.
Moreover, you can automate this process with the Publer AI Assist. Simply prompt the AI assist to generate Spintax variations, as shown here.
You need to have at least 10 variations per post in order to recycle or recur the post for Pinterest, and sometimes, you need to create even more complex variations using nested spintax, to ensure that all your post variations get scheduled.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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