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How to move/transfer a social account to another workspace

You can easily, transfer, re-assign, or move a social account from one workspace to another within Publer. It is a secure way to move a social account and maintain all the posts, info, and data associated with it.

You can only transfer social accounts for the workspaces that you have created, so the ones that you own.

To move a social account to another workspace that you own:

Go to the Social Accounts panel from the navigation bar on the left.
Click on the specific social account that you want to move and go to Settings.
In Settings, scroll down to Move to another workspace.

Moving a social account to another workspace

Click on Move to another workspace and select the Workspace you want to move the social account to.
This will transfer the social account and all the posts and data associated to it to the other workspace.

If the members assigned to this social account do not exist in the other workspace, then all the posts they have created for this social account will be assigned to you. You have to make sure you add the members to the new workspace and then move the social account if you want the posts to remain assigned to those members.

Moving a social account to another workspace

Click on Confirm to finalize the transfer of the social account.

Keep in mind:

If the social account has been assigned to a member, make sure the member already exists in the other workspace, otherwise their posts will be assigned to you.
You can move social accounts between workspaces that you own and then move them back again as many times as you want.
No posts, info, or data will be lost in this transfer -- everything will be transferred securely.
Only the owner of the workspace can transfer social accounts, from one workspace to another.

Updated on: 20/11/2023

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