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How to make a Facebook Page an Admin of a Facebook Group

Did you know that you could post to a Facebook Group through a Facebook Profile/Page?

The only requirement is that the Facebook Profile/Page is an Admin of that Facebook Group.

To add the Facebook Page as an Admin to the Facebook Group:

Make sure you are an Admin of the Facebook Group.
Go to the Facebook Group and select Settings.
Scroll down and select Linked Pages under Manage Advanced Settings.

Here you will see all of your Facebook Pages. You can link as many Pages to the Group as you want.

Choose the Page(s) you want to link by clicking on Link.

Finally, click on Link again.

The Facebook Page you linked is now an Admin of the Facebook Group. You are now ready to add the Facebook Group in your Publer Social Accounts and post to it through this Page. Follow this guide to do that.

Updated on: 27/01/2022

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