It's been more than two years since Facebook started allowing Pages to manage and post to Groups, a great way for brands to directly engage with their audience, just like what we're doing with our support group.

You cannot use Publer or any other 3rd party app to post to Groups that you don't administer.
Before adding a Group, make sure the following prerequisites are met:
You are an admin of the specific Group either as your personal profile or a Page that you manage
Publer is installed on the Groups you want to add, a one-time installment.

To to add Facebook Groups to Publer:

Go to Accounts on top of the dashboard and click the + icon named Add Account.
Alternatively, click here) and select Facebook Group.

Since you may want to add Groups managed by your Pages, Publer needs to also have access to your Pages.
Once you give Publer all the required permissions you will see all the eligible Groups, both those managed by your personal profile and those managed by your Pages (if any).

If a Group is managed by both your personal profile and a Page of yours, or by multiple Pages, you will see that Group listed more than once.

If you click the listing under your personal profile, posts will be made on your behalf (your personal profile). If you click the listing under a specific Page, posts will be made on behalf of that Page. No worries, this can be later changed in account settings as described below.

Post attribution

Just like when using Facebook, you can choose whether you want to post as you (your personal profile) or as a Page you manage. To specify that within Publer, simply go to the settings for that Group (Accounts ➡ Your Group ➡ Settings).

If for some reason a Page that is indeed an admin of the Group is not listed, simply click Reauthorize. This will happen if a Page was later on added as an admin of the Group.

Team collaborations

If a member has been assigned to a Group and has been given permission to post on behalf of the owner of the team, posts will be published as the selected profile in the Group's account settings.
If on the other hand the member can post on his own, he will be given the option to select the post attribution just like the owner of the team.

Analytics & Daily Post Limits

Insights will be available for both Pages and Groups.
Our daily post limits also apply. You can view them here.
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