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How to fix constant re-authentication issues with Twitter

More often than not, social media platforms will require re-authentication of the account to Publer. Fret not, as this is only done to reinforce the security measures that are in place.

If you are:

Constantly being asked to re-authenticate your Twitter account.
Getting a message saying that your post may be automated and thus requires re-authentication.
Getting a message saying that your account is temporarily locked and requires you to log in to Twitter.

Try the following:

Go to your specific Twitter account and log in.
Once you are logged in, try to post something directly from Twitter.
If get an error asking you to verify that you are not a bot, simply verify that.
You should no longer have any issues with Publer or any other 3rd party app.
Finally, go back to Publer and schedule accordingly.

Updated on: 01/02/2022

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