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How to find/locate my published posts

Sometimes the posts you have published through Publer can get lost in your social network's feed or profile, however, you can quickly locate them by following the steps below.

To find/locate your published posts:

Navigate to Posts
You need to filter by Posted and optionally you can filter again by account and label.
On the Grid view you get this display:

Locate Published Posts

You can then click on the desired post and you will have two ways to navigate to the live post:
One by clicking the eye icon and the second way by clicking the date information.

Locate Published Posts

When you toggle the Grid View off you will have the options to navigate to the post URL on each post displayed.

Locate Published Posts


Q: Why does my post not show on the feed?
A: After the post is published it can take a couple of minutes for the social media to process the post, especially Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube (processes the quality)

Q: Why can't I see the post on my Google Business Profile?
A: For Google, it will show only under the specific post they chose (i.e. updates, events etc.). It won't share the post on the Google Site, it will simply share it in the specific category (i.e. updates).

Updated on: 18/08/2023

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