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How to auto-draft posts within the Instagram Feed Preview

To quickly and automatically save your posts as Drafts on the Instagram Feed Preview on Publer, you can Auto-Draft them. For this, you need to make sure that you have a posting schedule set up, similar to how auto-scheduling posts works.

Auto-Drafting posts within the Feed Preview

Once you have set up the posting schedule for this Instagram account, go to the Instagram Feed Preview, as shown here.
Go to the Calendar tab, select the Instagram account, and choose Feed.
Select the media from the Media Library on the left side and click on "Add media to feed".

Auto-draft posts

Then, select "Draft" to automatically save this post as a Draft.

Auto-draft posts

The post will show up in the Instagram Feed Preview on the right side.

Auto-draft posts

Keep in mind:

The post will be saved as a draft for the first available time-slot (that does not contain any labels), similar to auto-scheduling posts for the Instagram Feed Preview.
The Draft posts you create on the Create page, will also show up on the Instagram Feed Preview, if you select a time and date for them.
You can re-organize the Drafts, edit them, and delete them directly from the Instagram Feed Preview.

Updated on: 17/10/2023

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