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How to add a competitor page

To add a competitor page:

Go to Analytics.
Select the Competitor Analysis tab.

Competitor Analysis

Click on the Add Page on the right side of the screen.

Add Competitor Page

Choose the platform of the competitor you want to analyze, i.e. Facebook , Instagram or Twitter.

Due to API limitations from Instagram, competitor analytics only works with professional accounts (Instagram Business and Creator Accounts).

Choose the social platform

Type the name of your Competitor's page and click on Add.

Add Competitor Page

You will receive a notice that the competitor has been added successfully and the account will show up as "Syncing" in green text.

Insights Syncing

You will receive a notification when the syncing job is completed.

Insights Successfully Synced

Keep in mind you can only add up to 10 competitors per social account.

Written by: Brikena Cani

Updated on: 10/05/2024

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