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How does Publer generate link previews?

Link Scrapers

Sometimes certain links will not work properly and Publer will not be able to generate the preview of those links, for a number of reasons. Publer relies on two scrapers for generating the link previews.

Internal tool

The first one is internally built by us using the following agent.

facebookplatform/1.0 (+

The IP is dynamic as we rely on proxies to prevent our scraper from getting accidentally blocked. Thus, it's not possible to whitelist based on IP.

Link Preview tool

On the other hand, if our scraper fails, we then rely on a 3rd party app to generate link previews:

Link Preview Tool -

If the Link Preview tool also fails, we then show a blank live preview. Unfortunately, there is not much that we can do in this case, given the issue is related to the link.

Tip: Take a look at this article learn more about why your links are not showing a thumbnail on Publer.

Note: It's recommended that you check if your link has the necessary meta tags, to ensure that it will be loaded properly on Publer and shared with the respective thumbnail on the social networks. Learn more about how you can do that here.

Updated on: 07/12/2023

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