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Why are my Google Photos not showing up on my Google Business Profile?

Locating your Google photos can be confusing at times, but it is for a good reason. Due to some recent changes from Google, you have to manually locate your Google photos.

To locate your Google Photos:

Go to Google and search "my business".
Scroll down to find your business and click on View Profile

Make sure you are logged in with the email that manages the Google Business Profile.

Google Business Profile

On the right side open the photos. You can simply click on one of them.

Google Business Profile Photos

Move to the tab that says By Owner:

Google Business Profile Photos

When you click on the eye icon in Publer, it will take you directly to the photo itself, and not to the Photo section, due to limitations of the Google API. Thus, you would have to navigate to the Photos section manually.

You can read more about this on Google's site here.

Some photos might not show up right away, as they first need to be verified by Google. Learn more about the status of a photo here.

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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