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How to tag members in internal notes

When using internal notes within Publer, you can easily tag other members so that they get notified about your note.

To tag members in internal notes:

Go to the post in Posts tab and write a note on the right side.
As you type the note, you can use "@" followed by the name of the member, i.e. @Jorgo.
This will bring up all the suggestions respectively:

Tagging members in notes

When you click on the suggestion, this will tag the member and thus notify them about the note.
You will also be able to tag a few members in one note, like so:

Tagging a few members in one note

You have to make sure that the tag is written correctly and the member exists.
If the member does not have access to this social account, then you will see "No matches found" show up.

No matches found for that tag

Learn more about how to use notes in Publer here.

Updated on: 24/03/2023

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