Ever wondered what to do when you want to share the same post, but you don’t have enough time to do that manually?

Here comes the Recurring tool of Publer!


You can set up a start and end date for the posts to be reposted.
Recurring posts won’t work for Twitter. Learn more about the limitations of the posts.
If you are creating the same post for many social accounts at once, the recurring details will affect all of them. No need to lose time and select different plans for each of them.

Let’s see how it works:

Click Create on top of the dashboard and select the social accounts you want the post to be shared.
Design your post and click Schedule.

Make sure to go to Change Mode and select Recurring. Check this picture:

This is how you can schedule a Recurring post:

Select the start date you want the post to be shared and then move the cursor to the end date.
Select the time.
Choose how many times the post should be recurring.
If you select Week, you will be given all the days of the week and you can click on each one of them according to your preference.
Click Schedule.

Click here for a video tutorial of how you can use the Recurring tool (Min 18:54).
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