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How to quickly schedule Reels, Shorts, Stories, and Google Photos using the CSV file

With Publer, you can now easily schedule your Facebook and Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, Facebook and Instagram Stories, and Google Photos using a CSV file! The only thing you have to do is add the respective hashtag (i.e. #Reels) in the message column, so that the post category is selected automatically when the CSV file is uploaded.

Note: Publer will automatically detect the video type, based on the aspect ratio and the video's technical requirements (duration and size). For example, a vertical video with 9:16 ratio will be automatically detected as a Reel. However, you can still manually choose any post type or override this with the CSV trick mentioned below.

To schedule Reels, Shorts, Stories, and Google Photos using the CSV file:

First, download the Template we made with only column names, and fill it with your posts using Excel or Google Sheets.
Then, simply add the hashtag (#Shorts, #Reels, #Story, or #GooglePhoto) for the respective social account in the Message column of the CSV file.
This will help you to schedule content in bulk, without needing to select that post option individually.

For Facebook or Instagram Reels:

Instagram Reels

For Google Phots:

Google Photos
Hashtags aren't case-sensitive, so whether you use uppercase or lowercase letters does not matter. Simply make sure to spell them correctly.

After creating the CSV file, and populating it with all your desired posts, you are ready to upload it on Publer.
As soon as the CSV is uploaded and you select the respective social account (i.e. Instagram or Google Business Profile), the post category is selected:

For Facebook/Instagram Reels:

Instagram Reels

For Google Photos:

Google Photos

Finally, make the last changes to your posts and schedule them accordingly!

Keep in mind:

The same rules also applies to other post types, such as #Shorts and #Stories.
Hashtags aren't case-sensitive and will work the same way, whether you use uppercase or lowercase letters.
Just like it works for #Reels, #Shorts, and #Stories, when adding #GooglePhoto in the message column, it will automatically select the Photo category.

Learn more about the CSV file here and how to schedule in bulk using a CSV file here.

Updated on: 13/11/2023

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