We cannot control how Twitter will render the preview for your links. You need to make sure that you have added the proper meta tags.

You can check if a link will render properly on Twitter using this tool:

Some more info:

Once you attach a link in Publer, you can safely delete the URL from the post description in order to prevent the link from being shown twice (just like when using Facebook or LinkedIn).


Use Facebook’s Sharing Debugger to make sure that the link will look properly on Facebook:

Some more info:

Please note: If you want to customize the link preview directly from Publer, you would need to verify the domain ownership.

If you've verified the domain ownership then the link preview you see on Publer will be the one shown on Facebook.

If you haven't, then Facebook decides what thumbnail to show and you can check that using their sharing debugger tool.

Follow our blog post here for more info.
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