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What is the Publer Calendar?

What is the Publer Calendar?

The Publer Calendar allows you to properly view, manage, schedule, preview, and enhance all of your social media posts in full screen mode! It also offers you the capability to take control, streamline your process, elevate your content strategy, and experience the power of organized social media management.

Let's discover the various ways you can utilize the Publer Calendar :

Manage Posts Easily – It displays posts with their respective icons and allows you to create new posts directly from the calendar by choosing your social account and clicking the + icon. Plus, easily change post dates with our drag & drop feature!

Manage Posts Easily

Filter Posts – It allows you to filter posts by social account, post status, team member or search by text. You can also filter by date, easily navigate to a specific date, return to today, or switch between months, weeks, and days in a click.

Filter Posts

Create a New Post – Hover your mouse over a specific date on the calendar view to see a plus icon and create a new post for that day. On weekly and monthly views, select a day for your post. In daily view, you can specify the time as well!

Create a New Post

Content Suggestions for Specific Days – Our social media calendar is filled with national, international, and awareness social media holidays, each with its own hashtag. Click on a #hashtag to open a creation dashboard with the tag already added. A quick tip: If you’re not feeling creative on how to celebrate a holiday, there’s always a gif that comes to the rescue.

Social Media Holidays

Preview Posts in Real-time – You can now see previews of your posts directly on our Calendar View. This gives you the chance to make any necessary edits or adjustments, ensuring your post is perfect before it reaches your audience.

Preview Posts

Check Recycling Posts – You can now easily monitor all recycling posts on the calendar, regardless of the length and quantity. Improve your workflow with a better overview and prediction of your evergreen content post dates.

Recycling Predictions

View Timeslots and Best Times to Post – The algorithm allows you to select the daily peak engagement based on previous posts. We collect the posts that have generated the most engagement and determine the best-performing time of the day. If you have prepared a detailed posting schedule, every timeslot will appear on the virtual calendar so you can manage future posts with peace of mind.

Best Times to Post

Instagram Feed Preview – You can now view their Instagram feed based on the shared content and the ones you want to schedule for the future. With the Instagram Feed Preview, you can edit, (re)schedule, and view your Instagram Feed from within Publer. Moreover, you can auto-schedule media right away from the Media Library, on the left of the Feed Preview.

Instagram Feed Preview

Keep in mind that the Media Library comes with a paid plan, unlike the Instagram Feed Preview.

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Updated on: 18/09/2023

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