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How to write a testimonial for the ambassador profile

Publer Ambassador Testimonial

You can create a testimonial directly from your ambassador profile on Publer.

From the profile icon at the top right corner, select Refer and Earn to go to your ambassador profile
You will see the ambassador dashboard, where you can find the Testimonial section.
To write a testimonial, fill out both of the fields, Title and Description.

Ambassador Testimonial

Markdown text is supported, so you can add links, images, or format the text accordingly.
When you are done, click on Save testimonial.

Ambassador Testimonial

The testimonial will be displayed as a popup window, when anyone opens your ambassador link.

Note: The testimonial will also show on the Publer website, the blog articles, and the other landing/feature pages of the website (i.e. link-in-bio etc).

Ambassador Testimonial

You can go back and make changes to the testimonial at any time.

Note: The name and picture that are displayed at the testimonial are synced from your Publer account. In order to change them, you need to go to Settings. Learn more here.

Learn more about Publer's Ambassador Program here.

Updated on: 14/11/2023

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