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What marketing resources are available for ambassadors?

Ambassador Marketing Resources

The Marketing Resources can help you in your ambassador journey. Instead of simply sharing Publer links, you can try to tailor the posts to your audience.

You can even try to personally contact businesses that might be interested, or visit forums and search for problems that Publer is solving. If you have a blog, you can place a banner with your unique registration link. If you're popular on visual social networks like TikTok and Instagram, you can place your unique registration link on your bio.

For all this, you can use the Marketing Resources on the Ambassador profile on Publer to help you streamline this process.

To find the Marketing Resources:

From the profile icon at the top right corner, select Refer and Earn, to go to the ambassador profile.
Then, scroll to the end of the Ambassador dashboard to find the Marketing Resources section.

Ambassador Marketing Resources

What are the resources I can use?

You can download the Publer Logo, Banner, and Cover. You can have a different size for the Banner, and a different format for Logo and Cover for Facebook and YouTube.

Marketing Resources

You can check out the Publer Brand Book, located at the top right corner of the Marketing Resources section.

Tip: Read through the brand book carefully to understand more about Publer's brand identity. Consider the brand book as an outline of our brand’s mission, image, and core values, guiding you on how you can further use the marketing resources.

You can share the Video Tutorials from YouTube, located at the bottom of the Marketing Resources section.

Marketing Resources

Learn more about Publer's Ambassador Program here.

Updated on: 14/11/2023

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