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How to get early access to Publer's new features

New Features

At Publer, we focus on adding new features frequently that will provide value and improve the product experience. New features get rolled out quite frequently, however, they first are in a beta stage, before they are live to the public.

Active Ambassadors on Publer are among the first to get early access to all new features.

In order to be able to get early access to new features, you have to sign up as an Ambassador and make sure you are an Active Ambassador. That means that you actively talk about Publer in your socials, actively share Publer with your audience, and bring new users consistently.

Early Access

When you actively recommend Publer to your audience and share it with your friends in your socials, you will notice more clicks through your ambassador link, and eventually sign ups and upgrades too.

The Weekly Overview graph at the Ambassador Dashboard will display the number of Clicks, Sign-ups, and Upgrades.

The more clicks, sign-ups, and upgrades that you see displayed at the graph, the better. This will categorize you as a more active ambassador.

Tip: By actively sharing Publer with your network, you will have biweekly payments on the 1st and on the 15th of each month, get early access to upcoming features, and increase the chances of earning higher commissions. Learn more about that here.


You don't necessarily have to share only the main link. You can share almost any link of the site as long as you add your ambassador username (case insensitive) at the end.

For example, it could look something like this: This way you can share specific features of Publer that you think might have a higher conversion rate, while still being credited accordingly.

Don't simply share links. Try to personally contact businesses that might be interested. Visit forums and search for problems Publer is solving. If you have a blog, try placing a banner with your unique registration link. If you're popular on Instagram, place your unique registration link on your bio. Be creative!

You can use the Marketing Resources on the Ambassador profile on Publer here to help you streamline this process.

If you are a proactive ambassador, you will be eligible to earn a monthly prize of $100, $50, or $25 based respectively on the first, second, and third place ranking. The more revenue you have generated from new customers during the given month, the higher you will place and be shown under Top ambassadors for this month table.

For more info, please feel free to contact us directly at [email protected]. Learn more about Publer's Ambassador Program here.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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