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How to Shuffle posts in Publer

To shuffle posts in Publer:

Firstly you create your posts:

You can only shuffle while creating the posts and there need to be 3 or more posts.

After they are scheduled, posts cannot be shuffled

Creative ways to use the Shuffle function:

Firstly you must upload the CSV and Shuffle / (or not) for one account:

Next after you are done with scheduling for the first account you can re-add the CSV and Shuffle for another account:

This way your posts will be shuffled and will have a different order for each account. You can use this method as many time you want for different accounts.

Using Shuffle with Spintax Variations:

This involves Spintax, you can use Spintax for you text as shown:

After uploading the CSV file, it would look something like this:

You can add images to each post (from within the CSV file or after uploading it)
It can be a different image for each post, so that way, it would be the same as Generating Spintax Images
You can preview the post to see the randomly selected variation from the Spintax Generator

You can Shuffle your CSV bulk data and have a different message for different accounts. Also you can schedule them at different times as mentioned above.

Updated on: 10/10/2022

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