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How to create public, private, or unlisted YouTube videos/shorts

Through Publer, you can create YouTube videos (including shorts) that are public, private, or unlisted.

To create YouTube videos:

Select your YouTube account and select video or short.
Upload your video from any of the supported sites and curate your post.
Add a Title to your video, at the field located at the top.

Then, add a caption, hashtags, and choose whether you want the video to be public, private, or unlisted from the dropdown arrow.

Unlisted short

You can preview the video in the right hand side in real time or click on the Preview button (if you have a small screen).
Finally, schedule the video it or post it.

Note: YouTube will take a couple of minutes to verify the video before you can view it. You will be able to see specific insights for your YouTube channel in the Analytics section only when you have selected YouTube.

Updated on: 06/12/2023

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