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How to change the social account on scheduled posts in calendar view


To change the social media channel for scheduled posts in the calendar view, you'll first need to convert them into drafts. This workaround allows you to re-use and schedule the post for the desired social media platform as needed.

To convert an already scheduled post to a draft:

Go to the Calendar tab, and find the post that you want to convert.
On the dropdown arrow next to Publish, choose Switch to draft.

To change the social media channel:

Go to the Posts tab, and use the dropdown menu to filter posts by Drafts.

Select all the posts you want to reuse.
On the bottom right click on "Use".

You will be redirected to the Create page.
Finally, make the final touches, select the new social media channel and schedule accordingly.

Written by: John Ezekiel Jacinto

Updated on: 28/06/2024

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