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How to duplicate settings for all social accounts

Signatures, watermarks, shortcodes, posting schedules, etc., are all account specific. However, instead of creating the same ones for each account, you can simply duplicate settings.

Duplicating settings will override all the other settings too. For example, when duplicating settings from Instagram to a Facebook account, it will duplicate everything such as watermarks, shortcodes, signatures. the posting schedule, URL settings etc.

To duplicate settings:

Create all the desired signatures for a specific account.
Go to Social Accounts and click on that account.
Select Duplicate Settings.

Choose the respective social accounts you want to duplicate settings to.

You can select group of accounts you want to duplicate setting to.

If you choose to duplicate settings to other social networks, all watermarks, posting schedules, shortcodes, etc., will be duplicated too.

Learn more about Signatures here.

Updated on: 20/10/2022

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