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How much in advance can I schedule RSS Feed articles?

RSS Feed Articles

The RSS Feed is simply an XMLl file that uses code to “communicate” with Publer. Every blog or news site has its own RSS Feed, and you can add it to Publer.

This will make it possible for you to load all the articles on Publer, so that you can then auto-share or auto-schedule them to the specific social networks.

However, in order to prevent abuse, you can only schedule the RSS Feed articles up to 5 years in advance. In the guide below, we will take a look at how you can tackle any problems due to this limitation.

Scheduling RSS Articles in Advance

In the past, RSS Feed articles were set to auto-schedule posts for up to 20 years later. To prevent abuse, we had limited auto-scheduling from RSS Feeds up to one year in advance. However, as of recently we increased the limit, so now you can auto-schedule your RSS Feed articles for up to 5 years in advance.

To auto-schedule RSS Feed articles in advance: :

Go to Explore tab on Publer.
Choose RSS Feeds
Select the specific Feed from the Dropdown menu.

Click on the 3 dots icon on the right-side and choose Settings.

Click Next on the first page.
Select Auto-Schedule and decide if you want to use link title/description as caption.
Choose if you want to post the new articles as links or as photos.

This would be useful when sharing to Instagram, Pinterest, or Google My Business, since they do not support link posts.

For Pinterest, you need to have a default board otherwise the article cannot be auto-scheduled.

Select the social accounts where you want these articles to be automatically scheduled.

Finally, choose the labels of your posting schedule and Save the changes.

Next time a new article is pulled, it will be scheduled based on the posting schedule you have chosen.


Even though 5 years is a lot, sometimes you might hit this limit. In this case, we recommend that you create more time slots in the posting schedule. Each RSS feed article will be assigned to a respective time-slot in the posting schedule.

The more time-slots you have set up, the more articles can be posted per day. Make sure to follow the daily post limits, as shown here.

Moreover, if you get the error "No available time-slots were found" it will be because of this. All the time-slots for the specific years will be occupied, in which case, you will have to create more time slots.

Keep in mind:

Normally, only the 10 most recent articles will be returned when you first add your RSS Feed to Publer. If some of your RSS Feed articles do not show up, you might need to change your Feed's settings or hard sync as mentioned here.
Keep in mind, the RSS Feed automation only shares the articles to your social media channels, not your WordPress site. To share articles to WordPress through Publer, follow the steps here.
Only the new articles can be automated, not the existing ones. New articles are all the articles that are published after connecting yours RSS feed to Publer.
Each aticle will be auto-shared or auto-published only once. However, you can manually share articles a few times, as shown here.
Some RSS Feeds might not always show the correct thumbnail for their articles on Publer. In this case, you have to make sure that your site has the correct Meta Tags set up. Learn more about how you can tackle this problem here.

Learn more about RSS Feeds in Publer and how to use them here.

Updated by: Brikena Cani

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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