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RSS Feeds in Publer

What in an RSS Feed?

The RSS Feed is simply an XMLl file that uses code to “communicate” with Publer. Every blog or news site has its own RSS Feed. For WordPress sites, you just add "/feed" to the site's web address.

For example: For Publer, the RSS Feed is "".

If you need help to find your RSS feed URL go here.

How to work with your RSS feeds in Publer:

Go to RSS Feeds tab.
Click on All RSS Feeds dropdown.
Select/Search the RSS Feed you need.

You can filter the RSS feeds by usage:


Automating RSS Feeds in Publer:

RSS Feed will pick up all of your new articles, store them in Publer's library, and then it will Auto-post, Auto-schedule, or take No Action depending on the settings you have chosen.


To automate the RSS Feeds:

Go to the RSS Feeds tab.
Select Settings.

Choose a way to automate your RSS Feeds (auto-schedule/auto-post) and click on Save.

Keep in mind only the new articles can be automated, not the existing ones. New articles are all the articles that are published after adding the RSS feed to Publer.

Learn more about how to auto-post or auto-schedule your RSS Feed articles here.

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Updated on: 07/09/2023

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