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How to sync RSS Feed articles

RSS Feed will pick up all of your new articles and store them in Publer's library automatically, however, sometimes some of the new articles might not be synced yet. You can pull them manually by hard syncing the feed.

To sync RSS Feeds:

Go to RSS Feeds on Publer.
Select the RSS Feed you want to sync from the dropdown menu.
Click on the Sync Feed icon on the right.

This will sync all the new articles that are not yet synced by Publer.

The frequently of the automatic sync for the RSS Feed will depend on how frequently an RSS Feed is updated with new entries. For example, if you have a blog that posts only one article per week, Publer will sync the RSS Feed once per day. If you have a blog that posts tons of articles per day, for example, news sites, Publer will sync the RSS Feed once every 5 minutes.
If you also manually sync the Feed frequently, this will make Publer automatically sync more frequently.

Take a look at how you can auto-schedule these newly pulled RSS Feed articles.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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