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Why can't I see all my RSS Feed articles?

Why can't I see all my RSS Feed articles?

Publer's RSS Feed service provider returns on average the 10 most recent articles, when you first connect your RSS Feed to Publer. Sometimes it might return more or less, depending on your feed's settings.

If your RSS Feed returns very few articles, i.e. one or two, there's a high chance they won't get picked up my RSS Service we use. This would mean that there is an issue with your Feed. In this case, we recommend that you change your RSS Feed settings to return more articles.

However, there are a few other reasons why you could not be seeing your RSS Feed articles on Publer:

The missing articles are not new articles.
The articles have not been published on your site yet.
Your site has no new articles that were created after you added the RSS Feed to Publer.

In the case of point 1, you have to keep in mind that Publer cannot return any articles unless they are unique. More specifically, the articles need to have a unique <link> or <guid>, that has not been used before. Sometimes, the <link> or <guid> are similar to that of another article. In such cases, these articles will not be synced on Publer.

Note: Make sure you articles are published on your site, and then sync the RSS Feed on Publer so they show up accordingly. Lastly, as you know, only new articles will be automatically synced on Publer. That refers to articles that are created after you have connected your RSS Feed to Publer.

Syncing RSS Feeds

The RSS Feed will pick up all of your new articles and store them in Publer's library automatically, however, sometimes some of the new articles might not be synced yet. You can also pull them manually by hard syncing the feed.

The frequently of the automatic sync for the RSS Feed will depend on how frequently an RSS Feed is updated with new entries.

For example, if you have a blog that posts only one article per week, Publer will sync the RSS Feed once per day. If you have a blog that posts tons of articles per day, for example, news sites, Publer will sync the RSS Feed once every 5 minutes.

Note: Keep in mind that the RSS Feed updates are not instant. It will take some time for new articles to show up, even after you manually sync the feed.

Note: Some RSS Feeds might not always show the correct thumbnail for their articles on Publer. In this case, you have to make sure that your site has the correct Meta Tags set up. Learn more about how you can tackle this problem here.

To sync RSS Feeds:

Go to Explore tab on Publer.
Choose RSS Feeds
Select the RSS Feed you want to sync from the dropdown menu.

Then, click on the Sync Feed icon on the right.

Syncing RSS Feed Articles

Finally, allow a few minutes for Publer to sync all the new articles.

If you also manually sync the RSS Feed frequently, this will help Publer to automatically sync articles more frequently.

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Updated by: Brikena Cani

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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