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Where do I host the media for the CSV file?

Hosting Media

You can host your media in any online clouds, like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. Once you have the media, you simply need to copy their link and add it to the CSV file.

To use media within your CSV file, it is necessary that you copy the media URL and paste it in the Media URL column of the CSV file.

However, you can also leverage the Media Library in Publer to easily host all your media, with unlimited storage, and you can then add that media to your CSV file.

Note: The Media Library has unlimited storage and allows you to organize your media with labels.

Media Library

After you have uploaded your media to the Media Library, you can use them within the CSV file like so:

Go to the Media Library in Publer.
Find the media you want to add to the CSV file.

For Photos:

You have to make sure to click on the photo to open it first in high resolution.
Then, right click on the photo and select Copy Image Address.

Media Library Images

For Videos:

You have to make sure to click on the video to open it first.
Then, right click on the video and select Copy Video Address.

Media Library Videos

Finally, go to the CSV File and paste the link in the Media URL column the image or video URL accordingly.

Learn more about what CSV format you need to use here and how to schedule in bulk using the CSV file.

Updated on: 22/04/2024

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