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What is an Instagram Shop and how to enable it?

What is an Instagram Shop?

In order to be able to tag products, first you need to enable your Instagram Shop.

Instagram Shopping is a set of features that allows people to easily shop your brand’s photos and videos all across Instagram. People can shop your products throughout Instagram.

How to set up/enable Instagram Shopping:

Confirm your eligibility for selling on Instagram.

Check if your products meet the Commerce Eligibility Requirements and comply with Instagram's policies and guidelines.
Ensure your business has its own website domain where the product listings are available for direct purchase.

Keep in mind, the website associated with the domain that's provided, must represent your store.

Verify if you are in a supported market.
Make sure your Instagram profile is a Business or Creator account. You can learn more about it here.

Pick a tool to start the onboarding process.

Select a method to onboard onto Instagram Shopping, either through setting up your shop in Commerce Manager or using a supported platform. Alternatively, you can directly initiate the process within the Instagram app.

Setting up your shop in Commerce Manager:

Go to Commerce Manager.
Click on Get Started.

Select Create a Shop.
Click on Get Started again.

Filling out your shop details in Commerce Manager:

Firstly, decide on the checkout method you want customers to use when completing their purchase.
Select your sales channels, including whether you want your shop to be available on Instagram.
Add products to your shop by connecting your existing product catalog or creating a new one.
Finally, review your shop details and then submit it to Instagram for review.

Now that you have enabled your Instagram Shop, you can easily tag products through Publer. To learn how to do that go here.

Updated on: 18/08/2023

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