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(Mobile App) How to add and manage clients

As an owner, you always have full access when it comes to creating a new workspace or making changes to one. Once you have created a new Workspace, you can start adding new members or clients, specifying their roles, and assigning accounts to them.


Clients will only have access to the social accounts they have been assigned or the ones they have connected (if you give them the permissions to add social accounts).
They will still see Drafts from all members of the team.
You can decide their account access: Client with read-only access / Client with posting access / Client with full access
You can decide their approval access: Should approve posts/ Should not approve posts
If they have "Should approve posts" access, then the posts created by any of the Editors, Admins, or Owner for that social account will need to be approved by the Client.
You can only decide if they will post: using Owner's credentials or member's credentials.

To add clients on a workspace in the mobile app:

Click on the workspace icon, on the top-left corner.

Select the workspace where you wish to invite the client on the left side.
Select Members at the top and click on "+ Add New Member" at the bottom.

Insert the email of the client and configure the permissions and social accounts you wish them to have.
Owners can make 2FA required for all team members, while Admins can make it required for other Editors and Clients.
Click on Invite.

Invite Member

Learn how to activate the 2FA from mobile app here.

To assign social accounts to an existing client on the mobile app:

Click on the workspace icon on the top-left corner.

Choose a specific workspace and on the left panel click Members:

Click on the three dots ... next to the client and then on Edit member.

Click on "+ Assign Social Account" and choose the social account you wish to add to this member.

Assign Social to Member

Select the permissions they will have for each social account, and click Save to confirm.

Edit Member Accounts

Learn more about the client role here.

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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