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(Mobile App) How to add a new RSS feed

Note: RSS Feed Articles (or other items) will only be scheduled for up to a year ahead at most. If you get the error "No available time-slots were found" it will be because of this. All the time-slots for the given year will be occupied.

Each aticle will be auto-shared or auto-published only once. However, you can manually share articles a few times, as shown here.

To add a new RSS feed:

Go to Explore tab in the Publer mobile app.

Choose RSS Feeds.

Click on Add RSS Feed at the top of the screen.

Add the Feed name.
Add the Feed URL
Include and Exclude Keywords. This helps you pull/exclude specific RSS items to Publer instead of all the items.

Click Add and wait for the feed to connect.

Choose an Action:

No Action -- RSS items will be stored on the library, until a further action decided by the user.
Auto Post -- Decide to where you want to automatically post every new RSS item that gets pulled by Publer.
Auto Schedule -- Decide where you want to automatically schedule every new RSS item that gets pulled by Publer, following a respective posting schedule, predefined or defined on the spot.

You can choose to use the article's title/description as the post's caption.
Moreover, you can choose between posting this article as a link or as a photo.

For specific social networks, such as Pinterest, articles will be posted as photos and the links will be automatically added to the URL section.

Finally, click on Apply.

Keep in mind, the RSS Feed automation only shares the articles to your social media channels, not your WordPress site. To share articles to WordPress through Publer, you have to connect it to Publer and schedule the posts accordingly.

Learn more about RSS Feeds and how the articles will be shared to a specific social media.

Written by: Brikena Cani

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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