What’s better than scheduling your posts manually? Having a detailed posting schedule!

Everyone who manages multiple social accounts is aware of the benefits of having a strict posting schedule, which will definitely save a lot of time. It is all about deciding which types of posts will be shared on Monday, Tuesday, and so on.

This is why Publer provides a very simple, yet powerful tool: Posting Schedule!


You can use timeslots for AutoScheduling and also Recycling posts
You can create multiple timeslots and add different types of posts on each of them.
You will be notified if you are scheduling a post over another one at the same time because posts of the same social accounts should have a difference of 2 minutes.
You can create different timeslots for each social account you have on Publer, so you don’t mess with anything.

Let’s go!

Go to Accounts on top of the dashboard.
Select the social account you want to create a new timeslot for.

Select the second option named Posting Schedule.

You can select between Creating timeslot or Autofilling.

A timeslot is a detailed plan for your posts. You can fill all the information i.e on Mondays-Link posts; on Tuesdays-Photo posts; etc.
Autofill requires only the time and days. Publer will automatically schedule posts according to the time and days you just chose.

If you choose: Create timeslot:

Add a time
Select the days
Decide what type of Post will go out on those days and time
Name a label
Click Create

For example:
If you want Link posts to be shared only on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10 AM, here’s the schedule:

You can add as many timeslots as you need and those will all be per each respective social account!

Or, you can Autofill the timeslot. This means that you can:

Decide a time-range (which might be the working time of everyone, say 9 AM - 5 PM)
Choose the days, when you want to post on the time-range above
Select the number of posts you want to be shared on those days and time selected

Remember: Your posts of the existing timeslot on the selected days will be deleted if you apply the Autofill.


**Autofill** is an amazing tool for people who want to share their products/sales/services many times a day at the same time.

After curating a timeslot (by creating a new one or Autofilling), you can now create/recycle a new post easily:

Go to Create on top of the dashboard.
Select the social account’s icon you just created a timeslot for.

Design your post and click Schedule
Click Change Mode and select AutoSchedule.
Choose the label of the timeslot you created for your posts (in this example, LinkPosts).

Select Recycle, if you want the post to go out more than 1 time. Click here to learn more.

Make sure to decide whether the post should be recycled if there are no other scheduled posts.
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